The ADGA Type Project

The American Dairy Goat Association Type Project is an initiative of ADGA's
volunteer Type Committee and this website is created and maintained by them.

The intent is to provide a resource for ADGA members interested in understanding
and improving type characteristics in dairy goats.

This site is linked to the ADGA website as a result of a cooperative agreement with ADGA.
The pictures and names of the dairy goats shown here are those submitted voluntarily by owner/members.

Pictures and data for each individual are shown or linked in a breed album.

Click on one of the pictures below to visit an album of pictures and data for that breed,
as well as a link to ADGA Genetics pedigree and performance data.


Pictures and baseline information about does and bucks of high achievement in
ADGA programs are submitted for the year of that achievement.

We verify information using ADGA records linked to the ADGA Genetics base.

To date, we have received and posted 219 photos and their associated data from 44 different
breeders. Information was entered into an album/table with a number of parameters. If necessary,
photos were scanned, reformatted, & labeled. In a few cases, the image had to be kept small because
the quality of the photo displayed is dependent upon the quality of the photo received. .

The standards of achievement to qualify were set by the type committee for three categories:

     Production: Top Ten in Milk, Butterfat, or Protein

         Show: Permanent Championship Achievement, GCH or CH

      Linear Appraisal: Final Score 89 or Greater or 88 with an Excellent Mammary Score
More detailed information on Linear Traits can be found on the ADGA Genetics pages
through a pedigree search and the linked type information on a particular animal.

Some goats have more than one photo and listing, which shows their development and
acquisition of additional levels of achievement. We highly value submissions for animals
over a period of years that provide both type & production information.

You can link to the pedigree and ADGA Genetics information for each animal on this site by clicking on the
registration number in the breed albums.

This is an ongoing process and data are entered as received, verified, and processed. 
It is the intent of the Type Committee to continue to improve this site as a more useful, searchable database.

Comments about this website are welcomed. Contact:

Last Update: 11/15/2013

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